Serenity Bay Cottages

4824-4826 Pine Island Road
Matlacha, Pine Island 33993
Telephone ... 408-561-8041
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Let’s take a scroll through the village where you’ll be staying.


Matlacha, (pronounced Matt-la-shay) , meaning slow moving, knee-deep waters. Visiting it is like taking a trip back in time. Mayberry-like and quirky, it is infused with the spirit of artists, fisherman, and the lingering remnants of the Calusa culture.

Try to imagine an Island where buildings are no taller than a coconut palm tree, gardens are filled with tropical fruits and flowers, and otters, manatees and dolphins play outside your back door. 

This sleepy fishing village still reflects the charm of days-gone-by, with bait shops and fishing nets frying in the sun, shrimp boats a common sight all-year-round. 

The first thing you will notice coming onto the Island is the drawbridge. Most times it is loaded with people, relaxing and socializing, while dangling fishing lines in the water in the hopes of catching dinner.

As you drive over the bridge you instantly realize that you have arrived at a magical place. A cosmic lightness enters your soul and the cares of the world seem to recede as the earths warm rustic greens, blues, and browns suddenly give way to wild and vivid color.  Color is displayed everywhere, from wall murals to neon lights and signs.

Even the telephone poles are adorned with colorful, original paintings accomplished by our local artists who have memorialized our beautiful natural surroundings with their work.

It is instantly apparent that the village of Matlacha is in itself a hodgepodge of the different. There is a variety of mismatched styled businesses, as well as homes, all sitting one next to the other in perfect harmony. 

Each home and business reflects the individual personality and/or idiosyncrasies of the resident who dwells within.  All properties back up to great expanses of water sporting outdoor decks, screened porches, and patios allowing for enjoyable outdoor living spaces and a great place to witness blue herons and roseate spoonbills crossing lawns, pelicans diving for small fish, bald eagles flying overhead, and osprey tending to their chicks high above the village below. 

In Matlacha, you will find both day and nightly entertainment available in most our bars, sidewalk cafes and restaurants. Also available is a pet grooming service, a coffee house, marina, bait shop, market, hair salon, gym, dance studio, post office, small cozy motels, and art galleries, along with many other monthly, annual festivities that the island celebrates.

Leave your worries on your snow-covered doorstep. Come join us in this magical place called Matlacha, where you can bet "It's Five O’clock Somewhere!”